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Airtel New Host for December Direct Download

December 11, 20140 Comments

Hello all the UDP Bro’s  this time we are back with the Airtel trick, as we all know that Airtel Tricks gets blocked very soon, as the host is caught off and is soon put in the blocked list. Now this time we are back with something else, don’t be much excited its still back-end […]

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BSNL UDP and ICMP Port Trick Confirmed Working November

November 4, 20142 Comments

Have any of you tunneled the BSNL ICMP Port, sounds different rite. Many of us were busy in tunneling the UDP or TCP Port finding the different proxies via and then eventually getting blocked and so on. But this time the things are quite changed and you don’t have to jiggled much as of […]

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Vodafone VPN Trick Working Smoothly in States July 2014

July 14, 20140 Comments

As Vodafone Provided the 3G/2G on the same Go i.e simultaneously exploring of the 2G and 3G Networks, it now easy for us to Tweaked the Open Port Once again and which has resulted in the large amount of Data leeching Once Again. All the New Host has been added in the Config file. Just […]

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Airtel All India Trick working and Relaunch 3G July Trick

June 26, 20142 Comments

When AIRTEL withdrew their 3G service in Uttar Pradesh I ported out my AIRTEL connection to AIRCEL, it was an horrible experience. I ported back to AIRTEL and got myself a new BSNL connection. Though we also have the trick for the BSNL BLACKBERRY Plan working with the PD-Proxy, oops we are not here to […]

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IDEA Direct UDP Trick Working UP EAST AND Many States June 2014

May 31, 20145 Comments

IDEA UDP trick is on live State again in UP East and WEST so other states too. The trick is working on the ZERO Balance and their is no need of any VALUE ADDED Packs or VPN. Many of the USERS must be knowing I am talking about which trick. This trick has already been […]

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BSNL New UDP Port VPN Trick for April 2014

April 20, 20141 Comment

BSNL 3G Trick 2013 that’s sound pretty good. BSNL Trick is live again and its confirmed working everywhere in India. This trick is formed by one of our online reader and we should respect this contribution. The trick is tried and tested in the UP East Side and most probably it will work everywhere. As […]

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Vodafone UDP TCP Trick Based on IPL Home Page April 2014

April 18, 20142 Comments

As Vodafone Provided the IPL Add on their Host Page, it now easy for us to Tweaked the Open Port Once again and which has resulted in the large amount of Data leeching Once Again. All the New Host has been added in the Config file. Just setup the trick and you are ready to […]

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Reliance 3G EVDO Trick Working April 2014 All India

April 14, 20144 Comments

Hello, friends the site is back with lot of Cool stuff and trick working in many of the states, but the host is secret this time and will not be published publicly. This trick is supported with the torrent as well as with the direct download, Due to lack of time i was unable to […]

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Vodafone Config for February Re-Working Again

February 8, 20146 Comments

IDEA UDP config which was uploaded earlier Has been blocked in some states, its still working in many of them, One of our user from Maharashtra has contacted and mailed this config file for the Vodafone, which is working there as superfluous speed. All the config is per-configured you just need to copy and paste […]

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Vodafone VPN Trick for February Working Like UDP 2014

February 3, 20145 Comments

Vodafone trick is back in the area of the free Internet Just explore the Fast web again and enjoy the super-flow Data packets. This trick was working all over India but now has been limited to the certain states but its still working. The base is still the Ancestorious VNAP Buster and you will also […]

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